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Edison surrounded by personal Security Guards in Vancouver court proceedings

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Edison Chen says some sex photos were taken by the girls

The Hong Kong pop star at the centre of a sex photos scandal says some of those photos were taken by the women who had sex with him.

Edison Chen was in court today in Vancouver, testifying in a case in which computer technician Sze Ho-chun, 23, was accused of distributing the photos of Chen performing sex acts with well-known starlets.

While Chen admitted that most of the 328 photos submitted in court today were taken by him, he claimed 40 of them were taken by the women in the photos.

Chen was ordered by the judge to answer a question raised by the defendent’s lawyer to identify the four women in the string of sex photos. The four names are: Cecilia Pak-Chi Cheung, Gillian Yan-Tung Chung, Bo Bo Man-Wun Chan and Rachel Sze-Wing Ngan.

In the court today, Chen once refused to identify the women, saying they have suffered enough. But the judge insisted that he must answer the question.

This is the first time he admits to the identity of the women. Before that, only Gillian Chung has admitted publicly that one of the women in the photos was her.

Chen described the scandal as “torture”. He said the release of the photos was a “well-planned attack” on him and the women because they were uploaded to the net bit by bit and gradually, from smaller to larger quantities.

Chen said the photos were taken with the consent of two adults. He had not shown them to any third party and said he’d never meant to share the photos anyone else except the women he took the pictures with.

More than 50 reporters from Hong Kong and local Canadian media were at the court today covering the story.